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Riding participants, also known as Ranchers, will be paired in one-on-one mentoring relationships. Each Rancher will work with a mentor 1-2 sessions per month. Individual sessions last approximately 90 minutes and consist of working directly with the animals. The goal is to teach participants the basics of Ranch life, with a focus on horsemanship and husbandry for other Ranch animals.

Under 8 Riding Programs

Under 8

Ideal for ages 4-7

20-Minute sessions

2x - Monthly 

Riding Programs for Special Needs

Saddle & Ride

Special Needs ages 4-18

60-Minute sessions

2x - Monthly

Horseback Riding for Teens

Hats & Horses

Youth ages 8-18

90-Minute sessions

2x - Monthly

parents plus_edited.jpg

Parents +

(1) Parent + (1) Child

4-18 yrs

60-Minute sessions

2x - Monthly

Own a horse in Texas


Ideal for future owners

90-Minute sessions

2x - Monthly

Sign up for New Rider Orientation

New Rider Orientation is a required class for all our Ranchers. After completing the class, you will be assigned an access code to schedule your riding sessions. Schedule your New Rider Orientation appointment!

Our riding programs teach:

Learning the proper way to groom a horse

Pleasure riding

Parts of a horse

How to recognize lameness and illness

How to handle, prepare, and safely ride a horse

How and what to feed

Who Can Participate

We welcome children ages 4-18 who need a safe space and feel like they can benefit from what our youth Ranch offers. Our riding programs are offered free of charge and we do not limit our services to people from a particular social or economic background. We simply aim to be a family and shelter for those who need one.

Rancher Requirements

  • Participants must want to be here. Their willingness and expressed desire to participate is essential for healing and change.

  • All children and youth must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We believe that a child benefits greatly from having their loved one present cheering them on!

  • All participants must submit a signed liability release form which contains the Texas Equine Activity Liability Act.

Enrollment Process

We want to meet you and learn about your family’s specific needs to see how we can best serve you! The next step is scheduling a time for your family to attend our next new rider orientation session.

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